Baby Blossoms (0-30 Months)

Baby Blossoms is a safe and comfortable environment that is truly home from home.  A special place where your little ones are loved, nurtured and encouraged by our caring practitioners.  Our homely environment offers your baby a place to explore and develop through lots of sensory experiences and adult nurturing.  Each baby chooses their own key person who they form a special bond with. The key person ensures that individual care, and learning and play are planned to a very high standard during their time within the room. To enable continuity and stability for your child, we will work closely with you to arrange your child's daily routine, ensuring a smooth transition from home to nursery.

Baby Blossoms offers 3 beautiful and spacious environments for your baby to explore.  The large spaces available to them ensures they have lots of different learning environments to explore as they grow from a baby to a young toddler; but the separate nature of these spaces means they can always spend time in small nurturing groups with high staff:child ratios.

In addition to the indoor space, the babies also have access to their own secure outdoor area.  As they grow in to young toddlers they also get to explore the bigger play area, where they can mix with children from the older rooms.  The babies are also very lucky to enjoy daily walks and outings around the local environment; including snack time at Booths or the Heritage Centre, visits to the library, and lots of trips and snack time picnics to our lovely selection of local parks.     

Peach Blossoms (30 months - 3 years)

Peach Blossoms is a large, bright and spacious room that has been carefully planned specifically for the active toddler.  In keeping with the rest of the nursery we have maintained the natural, homely feel.  Peach Blossoms is lead by our Deputy Manager who is a level 5 Practitioner and has over 20 years experience in early years education.  She is very well supported by 4 qualified practitioners ensuring a quality adult:child ratio.  Amanda and her team enjoy creating lots of invitations to play for the children.  These invitations engage and motivate children to learn, supporting all areas of development including early maths skills and pre-writing skills, preparing them for pre-school. 

In addition to all the play they have time for small group activities to support children’s listening and concentration skills.  Peach Blossoms has the luxury of being able to extend its space into the Domestic Play room where we provide lots of opportunities to learn life skills, such as preparing their own snack, baking and cooking.  This promotes children’s independence and self confidence.   The room also has a link through into pre-school, allowing us to work closely together to meet children’s individual needs.  In addition Peach Blossoms has access to the outdoor area, where they spend time playing and learning with the pre-school children. As they turn 3 it ensures a smooth transition through to pre-school.  The toddlers also have a key person who supports them through their continuing developmental needs, forming a special and secure bond, taking them from toddler to that little person ready for pre-school.

Cherry Blossoms (Pre-school)

Children will join Cherry Blossoms Pre-School in the September after they turn three.  The Cherry Blossoms Room is a large, bright and spacious room for children to play and learn.  The area is open plan allowing children free flow access to all the different areas including a large outdoor area and our domesticated play room.  The pre-school is led by 2 fully qualified Early Years Teachers and 4 highly qualified and experienced Early Years Practitioners, ensuring a very high adult:child ratio.  This allows us to support children in an individualised way ensuring they are ready to start school.  The children are at the centre of everything we do at Little Blossoms, and we let the children lead their play and learning by planning activities based around their interests.  The environment is very carefully set up to promote discovery and curiosity to support learning and development.  The staff observe the children, play alongside them and carefully question them to extend their play to support the children’s development.  Alongside this we plan more structured teacher led activities.  This includes - daily phonics activities to support children’s early reading and writing skills; Mathematical activities to introduce children to basic number skills and knowledge of shape and problem solving skills; and topic activities to inspire your child and encourage their curiosity about the world around them.

We also have football and tennis training in the summer term, Spanish lessons and Drama Class on Wednesday’s and yoga sessions on Friday’s.  In addition to these scheduled extracurricular activities, we plan lots of opportunities for the children to go out on walks and visits into the local environment including the park, Booths, the Heritage Centre, trips to the shops, the library and bus rides to the local towns.      

The pre-school children are encouraged to wear our nursery uniform.  We believe this will help prepare children for the more formal routine of school life, as well as to make it easier to get your children ready for nursery each day.  The uniform consists of a lilac polo shirt and a grey cardigan or jacket displaying the Little Blossoms Logo.  These should be worn with grey trousers or a skirt and black trainers or shoes.  The polo shirts, cardigans and jackets can be purchased from reception.  It is essential that you clearly label your child’s uniform to help prevent them getting lost or mixed up with other children’s.