Little Blossoms' Day in the Life

Little Blossoms of Barrowford is open between 7.45am and 6pm Monday to Friday.  We offer various sessions throughout the day and realise that family life can be very busy and aim to be as flexible as possible. We also send parents a daily Day in the Life report to ensure you don't miss those precious moments whilst your little one is in our care.

Daily iConnect Report

iConnect at Little Blossoms in Barrowford nursery

iConnect is the secure system used at LIttle Blossoms which allows us to upload pictures and videos of your precious little one. We also record meal times, sleeps and EYFS achievements to ensure you don't miss a thing!

Tommy's Day - Example Report

When your little one is with us at LIttle Blossoms Nursery you will have access to the daily 'Day in the Life' report which shows you how your child's day has been.

The report shows you images and videos along with details of your childs sleeps, feeds, changes, activities and play.

The image to the right shows an example of how the 'Day in the Life' report is presented.

This report for Tommy Bruce is 6 pages long and includes all of the information you would want to know about your child's day with us.

Below we have put examples from Tommy's report of what you would typically find in your daily report.

iConnect Day in the Life report example at Little Blossoms

Day in the Life examples:

photo 1.png
photo 2.png

Tommy has been exploring the materials and soft animals with his mouth. He picks up the material in his hands and puts it in his mouth.

Tommy is doing really well with his weaning. He now opens his mouth when you put the spoon towards him.

photo 3.png
photo 4.png
photo 17.png
photo 15.png
photo 16.png

Leah walked over and sat with Tommy in the cosy area. She looked at Tommy and started babbling to him. Tommy smiled at Leah and started to wave his arms and legs in excitement. He then began to bable back to Leah.

You won't miss these precious moments: